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A Belief in a Better Way

A Message from Edan Trump

Diversion, buy-outs, one-sided partnerships and superficial products that offer only temporary cosmetic results and do nothing for my clients’ hair. Throughout my career I have taken pride in developing and honing my artistic and business skills along with being able to rely on consistent product performance. But after 18 years working behind the chair as a color specialist and educator for a leading manufacturer, the challenges and frustrations mentioned above have become the seeds for my burning desire to stand up and do something.



How It All Began

As stylists, we have seen our share of damaged hair. With causes ranging from cheap homecare products to drugstore hair color to sun and environmental damage – all of which lead to unpredictable professional services – I found myself spending more time correcting beauty challenges and less time on the artistry of the service. I was tired of gambling on the end results and tired of settling on product choices that do no fit all my needs and those of my clients.


I needed:

  1. Reliable tools that, as a stylist, I can rely on to put back into the hair and scalp what is needed, so services are flawless and predictable every time
  2. Products that serve as pre & post treatments to protect and restore, while offering long-term, true health benefits to my clients’ hair and scalp
  3. Ingredients that are safe, eco-conscious and aren’t just inexpensive cosmetic ingredients that may feel great, but do not truly revitalize, protect and restore the hair
  4. A company that understands MY needs, is 100% committed to me with zero-tolerance for diversion, and provides me with the artistic and business skills that I need to continue to grow


This is Exure™.

Exure gives back to your clients’ hair and scalp what is needed… leaving it stronger, healthier and more luxurious. Repaired, restored and revitalized with our own exclusive HFRC™ (Hair Fiber Regeneration Complex™).

Exure takes the guess work out of professional services achieving better results and allowing hair color to process more vibrantly. You start with Pure Hair…a fresh, renewed palette upon which to express your artistry and bring out your client’s beauty. No more limitations. No more gambling.

Exure is all about luxury and purity. In the creation of our products, I was drawn to fashion and inspired by the textures and luxurious sensations of cashmere and satin. Exure™ products transform and renew hair, restoring it to its purest form…strong, healthy and ready to be fashioned.

First and foremost, I am a hair color specialist that needs these products, and I want to share them with other like-minded stylists who demand results. I want to help you grow your salon to be the best and most profitable in your town…while working together to transform our clients into walking art.

Exure offers you the opportunity to do what you do best: sheer, amazing artwork…transforming clients and making a difference in people’s lives – honestly and truly leaving hair stronger, healthier and more luxurious.

My name is Edan Trump and I believe in “Pure Hair. No Limits.™” Do you?


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